Life in

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca

The undeclared capital of Transylvania

Founded in 1213 ( officially ), Cluj-Napoca lies in the hearth of Transylvania and it is as mythical as Dracula himself.

It is the fastest growing city in Romania.
Awarded Youth capital of Europe 2015, Cluj-Napoca prides itself with a highly educated, social and innovative youth generation.

It's also in the race for the European Capital of Culture in 2021, qualifying itself into the finals. *Fingers crossed


We are warm blooded human beings

If you are afraid of not fitting in, the you definitely must visit Cluj-Napoca!

Historically speaking, we were once part of the Roman Empire, centuries later we learned hungarian, we were visited by the Turks who were Dracula's #1 fan.
A few centuries later we were invited to dine with the Austrians and before becoming the proud nation we are today we even shook hands with the Russians.

All of the people are warm hearted ( as Dracula preferred it ) and most of the people speak English.

Don't hesitate to ask around questions, you might just ending having new friends.

Social Life

Population: 300.000+ happy souls

With a young and vibrant population, Cluj-Napoca is the house of a lot, and a mea A LOT of social events. Jazz in the park had it's 4th edition in 2016 growing exponentially year after year with a total of over 50.000 at it's last edition.

Electric Castle also had it's 4th edition in 2016 with an audience of over 100.000 people.

Topping the cherry with an astonishing number of over 300.000 participants Untold Festival became in just 2 years Cluj-Napoca's most anticipated event of them all. Thank you again Armin van Buuren!

These were just merely three of the tens and hundreds of events hosted in Cluj-Napoca.